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Why should I register with MobileQuid?
Many people have to deal with unexpected, expensive emergencies. If you do not have the cash to hand, you could find yourself facing additional expense or hassle. MobileQuid can help when you need to pay the phone bill but you are out of cash or even if you want to take advantage of the final day of a sale when you still have weeks until your next payday. Avoid going overdraft and hidden charges. Once you have registered with MobileQuid you can ask for short-term loans fast with no catch.
Who can get a MobileQuid loan?
If you are a UK resident with a bank account, debit card, mobile number and email account then you can use MobileQuid. The only other requirement is that you have the means to repay the loan on the agreed date. If you are not sure that you will be able to repay in time, please do not register.
How do MobileQuid's instant transfers work?
To get started with MobileQuid just follow these instructions:
  1. 1. Sign up using the simple one time only application.
  2. 2. Authenticate the Credit Agreement.
  3. 3. Text us when you need cash.
What are MobileQuid's rules for qualification?
We value truthfulness in our customers. If you have registered with accurate details and have a UK debit card and regular income you qualify for MobileQuid.
Do you have a restriction on customer age?
If you are over 18 then you will be eligible to use the MobileQuid site and services. Check out our Terms and Conditions in order to understand how we collect and use your personal information.
What details does MobileQuid need about me?
We will need:
  • - personal details
  • - income details
  • - bank details

These details help us to assess whether the MobileQuid service is right for you and to aid with the collection of loan repayments so that security and speed are assured. We also need to confirm your identity.

Ensure that the data you provide is accurate and current if you want to be certain of approval.
I have recently entered employment/changed jobs, will you give me a loan?
Send us an email to or use the Contact Form and we will review your account and make any necessary alterations, as well as advise you whether your new situation affects your eligibility for loans.
Is it necessary to have my own bank account to use MobileQuid?
We cannot legally supply our services to anyone operating an account for a third party, so make sure that the account and debit card you use to register are linked to your own personal account.
I am out of employment but receive benefits, can I get a loan?
Anyone with a regular income can apply for a MobileQuid loan, so if you have a pension or receive state benefits for a disability then this will be covered. The only consideration is whether or not you will have the means to be able to repay the loan by the agreed date, as we are responsible lenders.
Will I need to send documents to support my application?
Sometimes we will request that you post us copies of bank statements from the last three months.
If I have a bad credit rating can I still apply for a loan?
All applicants undergo a credit check. We will reject applications from anyone who has been bankrupt or visited by debt collectors over the last 18 months. If you do not fall into this group then there is a high probability that we will accept your application.
Do MobileQuid charge for registration?
It does not cost a penny to sign up to Mobile Quid. There are no sneaky fees or additional costs to cover when you register. The bank account connected to your debit card must not be in red in order to complete the validation of your personal information and financial details.
Is your text service case sensitive?
Your loan will be approved whether you use capitals or small letters, as our systems can deal with both.
I still have not received the account activation email, where is it?
If you have a spam filter active on your email account it could be that our message has been incorrectly flagged as spam. Look in your Junk Mail or Spam folder to see if there is any correspondence from MobileQuid. If this has occurred then make sure that you mark messages from MobileQuid as safe in your mail client, as this will prevent it from being marked as spam in future.
If you cannot see our messages anywhere then the email address which you supplied to us may have been mistyped. In the event of this you should use the Contact Form to alert us to the error so that we can request your correct details and complete the activation process.
I am still waiting for my PIN, what has happened?
We send PINs via text message to the mobile phone number you supplied, so there is a chance that you entered the wrong number during the application process. Get in touch with us by email or drop us a line using the Contact Form to get the correct number added to your account.
I am experiencing issues with the activation of my account.
After you have used the one-off sign up service on the site you will need to activate your account. In case of any problems related to the activation, please contact us by email
What do you charge for texts and calls?
You will be charged variable rates to get in touch with us depending on the pricing set by your mobile network operator plus £1.
Do you accept applications from users who register with a credit or cash card?
We can only approve people who sign up with a personal debit card.
Will I have to use a PC to apply to MobileQuid?
No, if you have an internet enabled phone you can visit our mobile site at and register without the need for a PC.
I am unable to apply because your site says my details are already registered, why is this?
You may have registered with us in the past and you cannot reapply for a new account with the same details. Email us or use the Contact Form and we will be able to update any existing account with new details.

In certain circumstances receiving this message might indicate that your application is not at a stage where your account is accessible, or perhaps that another individual has created an account with MobileQuid using your information. It is sensible to contact us by email or contact us using the dedicated form on our site so that we can review your account and get to the bottom of any issues.
I send texts to MobileQuid but they are returned to me/fail to work/are incorrectly formatted, can you help?
You will need to make sure that your account has been approved before you can make use of our short-term loan service via text message. Make sure your loan application has been accepted before sending any texts.

In exceptional circumstances your mobile number may have been barred by our systems. To lift the ban text MQ OK to 68899.

Finally recheck our rules for message content and send a revised text to 68899.
What are the different types of text message I can send?
All of your texts to MobileQuid need to be sent to 68899. Our systems can react to the following types of text message:

  • - MQ NEWPIN (this will request a new PIN for your account)
  • - LOAN 4444 (in this instance '4444' represents your individual PIN and sending this message will allow you to apply for an instant loan, as long as your account has been approved)
  • - MQ OK (to unbar your mobile number)

NOTE: make sure you leave a single space to separate the first word(s) of the text from your PIN. There is no need to place any portion of your message in single or double quotation marks.
I'm unable to finalise my registration, what's wrong?
As long as you provide use with accurate, current information and you have not previously created an account with MobileQuid then you should be able to sign up. Contact us by email or by filling out the Contact Form if you have previously signed up and need to update any of your information as your circumstances change.
Will you extend my loan and do you offer loans on a long term basis?
For the time being all of our loans operate over 20 days.
Do you offer loans over £100?
Our no-fuss £100 loans are the only amount available right now.
How quickly can I receive a loan from MobileQuid?
As long as you supply us with accurate information we can green light your loan in a short space of time. It is unwise to falsify details during your application as this could prevent MobileQuid from approving you. We process loan applications only during working hours in order to ensure that total security is given to the customer.
What indication will I get that my application for a loan has been accepted?
We will notify you via email and text message as soon as approval has been given.
Can you text me once I have received the loan?
We will let you know about any approved loan by text and email.
Will you contact me once I have got the loan in my account?
We will let you know via text and email once the transfer has taken place. Some banks will allow you to access the cash instantly, while others will impose a two hour waiting period. There are still some of the minor banks that do not operate the fast transfer systems used by the majority of major financial institutions. This could mean that you have to wait for three working days before accessing the loan. We will let you know if your bank will impose this waiting period to allow you to plan accordingly.
If my mobile is not working or I am out of credit can I request a loan by any other means?
If you are unable to send a text message including you can choose between two other options:
  • 1) Visit the MobileQuid website at to log in with your details (username and PIN) and press "Get a loan" button.
  • 2) If you have an internet enabled phone you can visit our mobile site at and get a loan without the need for a PC.
My account lists my card as undergoing validation, what do I do?
We will list your loan application status as approved only once we have gone through the thorough registration process. If your account lists anything other than 'approved' it means we are working on your request and will update you via email and text to let you know when it is completed or if there are any other issues that need to be addressed.
When should I apply for a loan if I get paid on the 18th of each month?
Our loans operate over 20 days. If you get paid on the 18th of September and would therefore have the amount to be repaid in your account to make a repayment then you would need to apply for the loan on the 29th of August.
When will I be able to apply for another loan once I have repaid a previous loan?
Because we make collections and update accounts several times in a standard working day you can apply for another short term loan not long after we have received your payment. Anyone with an approved account can get a new loan by texting LOAN PIN to 68899 and you do not need to create a new account every time you want another loan.
Will you accept early repayments on loans?
We will not penalise you for repaying your loan before the agreed date. Use the Contact Form on our site to indicate that you are willing to make a payment and we will take the money from your account using your debit card.
How long does it take for cash to get to my account once I have requested a loan?
We are opened on bank holidays as well as standard working days and once you have an approved account the money can be with you just minutes after you have sent a request for it. Most major banks operate instant transfer schemes, so a two hour wait should be the most you will have to endure. Smaller banks may still be working to introduce Faster Payment Systems and so transfers may take 3 working days to arrive, but MobileQuid will alert you if this is the case in your particular circumstances.
Will bank holidays and weekends alter the due date for repayment?
Weekends, public and bank holidays do not influence the date upon which repayment is due to be made.
Do you loan money on public or bank holidays?
As long as we are open we will be able to transfer cash into your account within minutes of receiving your request. We remain open throughout bank and public holidays, so you can get a emergency cash injection in an instant, even when the banks are closed. The speed with which you receive the loan is reliant on your own bank and if you are an account holder with a smaller bank that has not invested in a Faster Payment System then you might be forced to wait three working days. There is no need to panic, because we will always let you know if a delay is going to be imposed on the transfer of the loan.
Do I need to pay you back via bank transfer and if so can I have your account details?
We handle the repayment of loans by charging the registered debit card, so this is not necessary.
Do you accept other payment methods, such as Direct Debit or cheque?
You can only repay the loan via the registered debit card and not via any other means.
Will a late repayment to MobileQuid mean that I am unable to apply for future loans?
We will not prevent you from receiving further loans from us if you have been late in repaying on one occasion, but if you leave a loan unpaid for an extended period then we will involve a debt collection firm and this could be damaging to your credit rating and hamper your ability to request further loans.
How do you send me the funds?
Once your loan application has been approved then we can transfer the loan into your registered bank account using the Faster Payment System in just a matter of minutes. It is worth noting that not every bank will be able to give you access to such transfers immediately and minor banks might still abide by the three day waiting period on such transactions. We will be able to inform you if your bank will take longer to process the money than usual, so you can plan how to work with the situation for the time being.
What technology to you use to transfer loans?
MobileQuid harnesses the Faster Payment Service.
Do you accept repayments from two different debit cards?
The whole repayment must be made from a single personal debit card registered to your MobileQuid account.
What do you charge if I am late in repaying the loan?
We operate the following rules for all of our loans:- Day 1 - £100.00 is transferred into your account. You will receive a reminder by email before the agreed repayment date arrives; Day 21 - we use your debit card to take the £124.73 repayment from your account.

If you do not have sufficient funds:

You will incur a £10 default fee. You will not be charged any other fixed fees but your loan will continue to accumulate interest until you have repaid your loan in full.

Our collection partner may charge you extra on top of the interest and administration which we will be adding to the amount you owe, so you should bear this in mind. Your credit rating will be adversely affected if you continue to fail to make repayments on the loan and in the worst case scenario it may be necessary to take legal action.

It should be clear that you should not apply for a loan if you feel that you will be unable to make the repayments in a timely fashion. Please avoid applying if you are doubtful that you will have the necessary funds in your account.
When are repayments taken?
We only take payments for outstanding loans during our opening hours. As long as there is enough money to cover the repayment on the day it is due then you need not feel concerned. Once the loan and any incurred fees have been repaid we will be happy to supply you with another short-term loan in the future.
Money is going into my account later in the day on the collection date, will you charge me if it is not there first thing?
As long as the funds are available in your account during our working hours on the due date then there is no cause for alarm, as we run multiple payment checks in a given day to account for sporadic availability. Upon completion of repayment you will be eligible for further short-term loans.
It is the due date for my repayment but it has not been collected yet, what's wrong?
It is possible that we attempted to collect your repayment but had our request denied. This could be because the funds are not available in your account, so please ensure that you have enough money to satisfy the repayment costs. Sometimes the issue may arise if you have changed your debit card details. If this is the case make sure that you contact us by email as soon as possible so that we can update your account details. Because of our terms and conditions we can only accept repayments from the personal debit card which you have registered with us.
Will you notify me by text or email once the repayment has been collected?
Upon successful collection of the repayment we will send a text to your registered mobile number and an email to your address in order to let you know. You can apply for another short-term loan just by texting LOAN PIN to 68899.
I have lost/forgotten my PIN code, what can I do to receive a replacement?
Text the word MQ NEWPIN to 68899 if you cannot find or remember your current PIN and we will supply you with a new one via a text sent straight to your mobile.
I need to let you know about a change to my mobile number, what do I do?
Contact us by email or use the website to notify us when your mobile number changes, as this will allow you to apply for loans using your new number without hindrance. When emailing us to request an update to your mobile number remember to include your full name, address and old number to ensure that changes can be made.
I need to change my address as I have moved house, how do I go about it?
We will be able to update your account on our systems if you contact us by email or via the Contact Form online. Include your full name and current mobile number along with your new address when corresponding with us.
I have received a new/replacement debit card, will you let me change my financial details?
Please send us an email to or use the Contact Form if you need to update your account after a change is made to your debit card.
I already have an account with MobileQuid, how do I get a loan?
To get almost instant access to a loan just text LOAN PIN to 68899. If you had the pin 4444 your text application would read LOAN 4444. When activating your account for the first time you will get your PIN via text and you can apply for a replacement PIN if you lose or forget it.
I have an account but I cannot log in.
You will need to know the mobile number that you used to register, along with the PIN which was provided upon registration, if you want to access your account, so keep a note of these details to ensure login is successful at a later date.

If you have only just applied and your application has not been accepted it may be that you are not yet able to login. Contact MobileQuid by email or via Contact Form and we will be able to help you with any issues and update your account details if your circumstances change.
If I want to receive a MobileQuid loan again will I need to register a second time?
The one-off signup process means that this is unnecessary. Just text LOAN PIN to 68899 once you have repaid any outstanding loans with us and we will be able to send you the loan via bank transfer within a few minutes, which means there is no lengthy signup process.
I have trouble paying back my loan, what can I do?
Contact us immediately and we will try to work out best solution for You, do not hesitate! We will approach each customer individually, but depending on the case we will try to extent the period, reduce your payments or find another mutual solution. If the financial stress is becoming too tough, seek counselling and advice from independent source, like the Citizens Advice Bureau, or the My Money Steps online debt advice service from National Debtline.

Here are some links for You:
I am not satisfied with your internal review of my complaint.
If You feel that we have not been handling fairly your complaint or other issues, you are eligible to have your complaint reviewed by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
London E14 9SR
Will you protect my personal details and financial data?
We will make sure that your account details and personal information are protected. Full information concerning how we use your details is available on our Privacy Policy, so it is always worth reading if you have any questions or worries.
Will you post anything direct to my house?
Our usage of your personal details is outlined thoroughly in the Privacy Policy.
Are you regulated by any industry watchdogs?
The Office of Fair Trading has licensed MobileQuid to operate in the UK and we are also registered under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.
I already have a loan operated by another provider, can I still sign up with MobileQuid?
Of Course! It is always important to remember that MobileQuid loans which we offer are designed to be a stop-gap solution which can temporarily fix a money issue you may have. It is not designed as a long term option for remedying your financial situation.
Will my credit rating be impacted if I take a loan with MobileQuid?
If you fail to pay a loan you take out with MobileQuid then you will find that it will become a permanent feature of your credit history, particularly if debt collectors become involved.
What should I do if I would like to cancel the Credit Agreement?
You will have a right to cancel the Credit Agreement within 14 days. You may exercise this right by giving us notice in writing by sending a letter to us at MQ123 LTD, Communications House, 26 York Street London W1U 6PZ or an email to us by filling the form on contact us page at

If you cancel the Credit Agreement after we have made an advance you will still be required to repay any outstanding advance (including interest and transfer fees).
What is your text number and how does it work?
Send all of your texts to 68899. This number will allow you to take out a new loan or request a different PIN code if you have lost or forgotten your original number. Send an email to if you want any further information, or if you want to make changes to your account details. You can also get in touch via the Contact Form online.
What are your opening hours?
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
How can I contact you via email?
Send any emails to for a direct response.
Do you have a postal address?
You can contact us via traditional post at: Communications House, 26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

MobileQuid is not a lender but is a licensed credit brokerage business.