Added on the 4th of September 2010
Mark from Gosport

“Signed up with my mobile and took £100 out of the wall shortly after...”

I work behind a bar to pay my way through uni, but being a student is always linked with never having enough cash and I'm fairly typical in this respect. But that doesn't mean that I just throw my money away on beer. In fact I'm the guy who has to organise all of the monthly bills for my house. We have the phone, TV, broadband, electricity and gas all set up in my name and drawing monthly by Direct Debit from my account, which is an arrangement that suits me and my housemates because it makes things simple; everyone has to pay me a set amount each month to cover their share.

Usually my housemates are pretty good at getting the money to me on time, but one month they all ran into delays or found excuses to put off paying me. This wasn't technically a problem, because I had enough in my account to cover the bills, but doing so would leave me veering too close to the end of my overdraft for comfort. Things started to look even worse when I realised that the slap-up meal I'd promised my girlfriend for her birthday that weekend wasn't going to happen, because I simply couldn't spare any cash and I didn't want my bank to charge me for going over my maximum limit for withdrawal.

Then I found out about the short term loans offered by these guys. I didn't want to get into any expensive, lengthy loan arrangement and I needed the money in my account as soon as possible to satisfy both the bill collectors and my better half. So I signed up with my mobile and took £100 out of the wall shortly after, which meant I could afford the meal and still cover the bills. And after that, I made sure that my housemates never left me in the lurch again.

Debbie from London

“I find MobileQuid convenient and easy to deal with...”

Making ends meet is something that everyone is concerned about and from month to month you get your peaks and your troughs to endure, depending on what's going on in your life and what unexpected expenses you have to face. I find MobileQuid convenient and easy to deal with and I've used them a few times when I needed some cash quickly to tide me over in that long week before payday. There are plenty of examples of when they've helped me out, but I'll give you one that's relatively common.

I've got a car that is pretty much my lifeline, because I need it every day to get to work and I use it at the weekends to visit my parents or go and see my sister and her new baby girl. But cars can be a bit of a money pit, even when they're in good condition and when the annual MOT looms, people like me tend to cross their fingers and wish for the best. This year I wasn't particularly confident, because the steering had been feeling a bit light and vague and was getting progressively worse. I dropped off the car and got a lift to work. Then a phone call from the garage a few hours later delivered the bad news that they would have to replace the whole steering column because of a broken connection. They couldn't let me drive away in it and I couldn't give up my car because it's essential to my daily routine, so I had to let them do the expensive work.

I checked my bank account, but I already knew that I didn't have quite enough to cover their quoted price for parts and labour. I wasn't worried, because I trusted MobileQuid for a short-term loan and I had enough to pay the garage and take my newly repaired car home with me that day.

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